About Us

Visionary Enterprises, LLC was established in 2007 with the Mississippi Secretary of State. Originally a minority owned automotive retail service business, it quickly became evident by our customer base that we could provide a low-cost courier vehicle maintenance service. The high cost of maintenance, coupled with the relatively short lifespan of a courier vehicle presents a high risk to the profitability of any independent contractor. We realized that controlling this cost is integral to maintaining consistent value and reliability to the customer base. Further, Visionary is already equipped with transportation vehicles necessary to operate the retail business segment. Visionary logically obtained authority to transport customer recyclables (a specialized cargo) in a responsible manner meeting MSDEQ requirements. Visionary further sought and obtained authority to transport and tender cargo requiring air mode of transport.

The company principals include Kimberly and Frank Kertis. Kimberly is a 47 year old black female, daughter of a retired US Army Major. Under his guidance she learned discipline, standard operating procedures and a strong work ethic. She achieved success with her current businesses through wise planning, common sense and has profited wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts (paraphrasing Proverbs 24:3-4). Her faith in God has inspired her to expand her business. She possesses strong integrity and believes that all people should be treated with respect and dignity. She is a people person. She serves the public with a spirit of excellence. She has met a diverse group of people through her travels to Japan and Germany (educated in Bamberg) as well as many places stateside, making it easy for her to relate to all types of people. As owner of Visionary Enterprises, LLC she believes in meeting and exceeding a clients expectations. She always looks for cost saving and innovative ways to provide time and profit value to her clients. Each client is treated as her only customer. She recruits and manages contractors who have the same spirit that Visionary holds: those who have the highest quality of integrity and workmanship. They are truly a reflection of who we are as a company. Kim is not timid in confronting issues that arise, speaks the truth in love and looks for a quick resolution that is both satisfying to the customer and contractor.

Frank is a 55 year old male married to Kimberly. He joined Visionary Enterprises in July 2009. Frank has extensive knowledge and experience in the transportation industry with a deep background in operations management for diverse corporations. Laboratory background and supply chain logistic experience brings a high level of attention to detail in everything that Frank touches. Frank also held numerous quality management positions for various companies, including ISO certifications of two lubricant plants during the 1990s. He believes he brought about a dramatic improvement in performance for servicing that customer during that period. He is a graduate of Villanova University and has post graduate studies in chemistry and statistical analysis.